Microsoft acquistion of LinkedIn News!

In my opinion great move by Microsoft:

Question is how or if this will impact SharePoint 2016 and Office 365?  There are obviously potential integration opportunities between both platforms.

LinkedIn established as the social networking platform of choice for professionals world-wide and it’s large member base.  For enterprises an opportunity to move to the MSFT cloud for recruiting, task management, organization contacts, etc. with an established professional social network LinkedIn and the associated features and benefits.

For Microsoft conceivable this move will cause organizations on the fence to consider  a move to Office 365 verses other platforms.  Compelling to combine the social networking features of LinkedIn with the collaboration features of Office 365, SharePoint Online, PowerView Business Intelligence, and Outlook Online verses the competition out there.  Have to wait and watch for the availability of APIs for integration into applications and services on premises, Azure hosted, SharePoint or Office 365.