Holiday Gift SharePoint to help others during the holidays

Using SharePoint to help others during the holidays

For the past several years, our employees have helped make the holidays very happy for many local children.  Because of thier thoughtfulness and generosity, these children woke up to presents and a wonderful Holiday Season.   Last year you helped a homeless family of six move into an apartment for the holidays – and if that wasn’t enough, fulfilled the kid’s wish lists! 

Again, this year we have a wonderful family who is going through some hard times.  A single mom with four children who works full time but struggles to make ends meet.  Last year, she was only able to get a few gifts for the youngest child.  We thought it be great if we could make this holiday a good one for all of them and knew this family would appreciate any help we can offer.  

This year we have a Holiday Gift SharePoint!

How SharePoint can help:
In previous years we sent out an email similiar to the above.  Thanks to the generousity of our employees many of the gifts came in time for the holidays, some even 2 or 3 times! 

Preventing duplicate gifts:
This year we wondered if we could provide the holidays wish list that could work much like a wedding registry preventing duplicated gifts.  When employees purhase a gift, they could go to the list and mark off that it is fulfilled. 
In SharePoint this turned out to be easy and fast to implement: 
  1. Create a custom list to store the holiday gift wish list items.
  2. Add fields for a picture of the gift, title, family member, and check-off field.
  3. Populate list with gift items.
  4. Create a new site page and add the gift list as a web-part to the page.
  5. Configure the list view to enable inline editing.
  6. Add content explaining how to view and select items from the list.
  7. Optional: Create a SharePoint Designer Workflow to automatically send out a thank you email.

Increasing Participation:

To increase participation we made the SharePoint accessible to more employees and also partners by enabling claims-based authentication and providing access through the firewall. 

Happy Holidays!


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