Did you know? Silverlight Client for Facebook download available

Excerpt from http://www.devproconnections.com/article/silverlight-development/Microsoft-Silverlight-4-Beta-Client-for-Facebook.aspx

Here is an impressive list of Silverlight 4 features that the Facebook application leverages:

  • Out-of-browser support—fully trusted with offline capability
  • Hosting HTML content interactively—with a number of Facebook like features you’d expect
  • Local Device access (webcam)—Add a photo to a FB post using your web camera on your computer
  • Rich-Text control—distributed throughout the application
  • Embedding alternative media content—all video in FB can be played in the application
  • Desktop notifications—for status updates, etc.
  • COM integration (with Microsoft Outlook) on the Windows platform—Outlook integration with FB events and generating emails
  • Right-click—to uninstall the application and the outlook example above.
  • Drag-n-drop—pictures straight from your computer to the application
  • Window control—distributed throughout the application
  • Animations–and let’s face it—what good XAML based app doesn’t have gratuitous animations


FYI: I am just getting around to installing this and will have a follow-up post shortly.

Have fun!



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