Looking for some SharePoint tips/tricks? Some cool stuff on the SharePoint GetThePoint Blog

A few cool finds (especially getting past the SharePoint blog HTML editor removing all your embed code!)

Embed video in your SharePoint blogs and wikis – Friday Cool Content

Access and SharePoint integration for beginners

Building a Solution in SharePoint for the University of Washington

What they say about their blog:
The blog by the Microsoft SharePoint End-User Content Team. The blog is designed, written, and published by the writers who bring you the SharePoint content on Office Online. We write content for all SharePoint Products and Technologies and encourage contributions from the SharePoint user community.

My Own Disclaimer: I admit this is a shameless plug since I post there on occasion as a guest blogger but a nice variety of end-user tips and at least one cool find for getting around the SharePoint blog HTML editor from stripping out your embed tags (a project on CodePlex that looks promising for something short of developing/installing your own)

My posts so far..
SharePoint and Silverlight-Accessing SharePoint list data for Silverlight without web services

Windows Live Writer is Great for SharePoint Blogs Too



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