Using Flash to display data from SharePoint

I have receiving some emails lately about a post I did re a small project I did a few years ago way back in 2005 where I developed a US map in Flash that aggregated data from a list of regional sales entries stored in SharePoint. 
Essentially everything is done in actionscript calling the owssrv.dll ISAPI extension to retrieve the data in XML format via XMLHTTP.  Funny my co-workers looked at me funny back then when I suggested maybe developing client-side web-parts might be a good idea for working with SharePoint in some simple scenarios-they are not looking funny at this anymore with Web 2.0 these days:)  Anyway, more recently I have been calling the list.asmx web service for this type of thing but I managed to dig up this old project and it still works and figured I would share.  No warrantees. 
To get this set-up yourself and improve it all you need is a place to create a SharePoint list with two fields: Region and Amount.  Region values are East, West, and Central and is a choice field.  Amount is a number type. 
Then fire up the attached Map.fla file, modify the parameters in the actionscript to call your particular list i.e. site URL and List GUID.  Lastly publish the file to HTML and then upload the fla and swf files into a SharePoint document library.  I used a CEWP and copied the HTML from the mapnew.html I had created being careful to edit this file to use the full path to the map.swf file in the doc library where I uploaded to.  Then you can place the CEWP on any site page in the site collection-maybe elsewhere I am not sure. 

One thing to watch out for is security settings for Flash have been updated a bit since I did this initially so I had to to allow Flash to access data from the internet making my SharePoint site trusted.  The link is in the security settings text file in the Flash Map folder.

Have fun:)  Rod.

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