Have you seen? http://www.widgetbox.com

Widgets are configurable and can be added to directly to several social networking
sites such as FaceBook, MySpace, Blogger, etc and can even be added as web parts to SharePoint.  Example is a widget for playing YouTube videos on your site and another provides your users links to all your profiles on all your social networking sites so they can find you where they frequent most often.


9 thoughts on “Have you seen? http://www.widgetbox.com

  1. hey Rod. like your Blog.This is off the topic of widgetbox, it refers back to a post you did on connecting Sharepoint and Flash way back two years ago I think. So I didn\’t know if you would notice a comment for that post.I\’m curious, if you remember, is all the code meant for Actionscript or is some of it javascript and how would that interact with the actionscript to pass the xml data along? Hope my question makes sense, I\’m just unsure of the code you posted I\’m trying to do the exact same thing. Thanks!-Erik

  2. Erik, I managed to dig the Flash files up and will post a new post on it shortly. I uploaded the files under my public folder named Flash Map-if you go to my blog homepage scroll down to the bottom of the page and you can download everything there.

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