Architects Forum-Emerging Web 2.0

Strategic Architect Forum
San Francisco Nov 18-20th, 2008

I attended Rationalizing the Emerging Web this morning..Karthik Ravindran presenter: Here are some things to think about coming out of this to get your company to take advantage of social networking tech?  i.e. Facebook.  Single sign-on for integration across these
services?  What about aggregations?  Business opportunities, IT cost reductions?

Karthik demo’d a services aggregator named Sobees.  Very nice application-feature rich and nice UI but probably doesn’t meet the low
enough bar for "something my mom would use"  I would use it though.  It allows the user to select and configure several popular social
sites including FaceBook and Flickr.  The concept and thinking around this is right on. 

Integrating these services into your own custom apps is cool but wonder what is the motivation for providers to open up to applications-
will this eventually lose eyeballs for them? 

Aggregated cross-network experience: Reminds me of my thinking way back in 2003 around a client app that gets what you want from the web-
A new Outlook for the web?  Needs to be something that comes pre-configured since IMO most users won’t take the time to learn how to configure things but
maybe only ask you the sign-in info for each service but that’s it-then give the user some standard templates or examples of templates used by others. 

Why not throw search in there as well? Do crawls based on collected meta tags-frequently search terms.  Maybe add your intranet info as well-platform type i.e. Sharepoint. pull in mysites data etc.  Another expediate option maybe to extend existing RSS Feed Aggregators for example-add the social layer on top. Ability for your enterprise to push data into external communities and of coursein as well-publish directly to YouTube as a marketing tool, FaceBook etc.

Karthik made a good point in pointing out IT Governance potentially blocking this-and suggested the need to develop a new solution framework to overcome.

He made an interesting observation that stuck with me-Social services the next phase of collaboration-seems like something for SharePoint to think about.
Must extend your core systems via services to get the benefit.  IMO Walmart although I hate them is a good example of using IT smart by allowing thier supplier
(make them the sellers) to track inventory and sales per store and adjust thier own in store inventory geographically.  Let your suppliers manage your inventory-very smart. 

Demo of OBA Toolkit: essentially Popfly for the enterprise-making sure components make sense and in context of user.  Cool app-maybe still needs to be more open and flexible-Popfly works since it’s very intuitive-that intuitiveness comes at a cost-you have to let people experiment not lock them to limited choices-the smart people
will figure thing out.


Main points to getting started in social computing for your enterprise:
Define strategy-why are you doing this?
Establish presence in existing communities
How to integrate users and data points.

Contoso Corp. Community Dashboard coming soon. 

What Allyis can do? We can provide "community enabling services" for the enterprise and also
provide online collaboration solutions with social community features built-in. (MS Online Services maybe a good platform to start on).



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