Sharepoint Content Rating Site Template Update

Update: I dropped a new content rating site template .stp-can be uploaded to from MOSS 2007 used to create a subsite from a site collection created from the collaboration portal template.  It uses the blue-band master/styles.   When the site first loads the left nav and top nav will contain "error" since the lists aren’t using guids and as such won’t render until a page refresh-just hit F5 and all is well.


34 thoughts on “Sharepoint Content Rating Site Template Update

  1. Rod,
    I am attempting to use the stp file. I was able to successfully upload the stp file. However, when I create a new sub-site, I am receiving the following error:
    "This page is not using a valid page layout.  To correct the problem, edit page settings and select a valid page layout."
    If I go back, refresh the top-level site, and select a subsite, I receive the following error:
    The resource cannot be found.
    Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.  Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly.
    Requested URL: /sites/workflow/ratings/Pages/Distribution.aspx
    Any ideas? Am I missing something? I am running MOSS 2007 Ent SP1.

  2. Rod,
    I bet I know the issue. My top-level site collection is not a collaboration portal template. Didn\’t see that above. Will redo.

  3. Steve, I know it\’s been awhile-I was swamped on a Silverlight project-hope this all worked out.

  4. I tried to create a sub-site of a newly created collaboration portal site collection with the salescallcentercontentrating template but I just get an error that the template is invalid or could not be found. I get the same error whether I upload the template into the site collection gallery and use it from there, or install the template using stsadm. Does it have any other dependencies?

  5. Hi,I getting the same errors as Steve. Could you tell us what we\’re doing wrong?Thnx!

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