Where have I been the last 3 weeks? Silverlight 2.0 that’s where

Heads down on a cool Silverlight 2.0 project the last 3 weeks or so.  No worries will have some interesting things to post on the subject very soon.  Searching Sharepoint from Silverlight 2.0 based UI anyone-why not?  Silverlight controls for Sharepoint at the very least.  More coming soon…need some sleep first.

Sharepoint Content Rating Site Template Update

Update: I dropped a new content rating site template .stp-can be uploaded to from MOSS 2007 used to create a subsite from a site collection created from the collaboration portal template.  It uses the blue-band master/styles.   When the site first loads the left nav and top nav will contain "error" since the lists aren’t using guids and as such won’t render until a page refresh-just hit F5 and all is well.