Site Template for Content Rating

Upload this to your MOSS 2007 site template gallery-create a new site using this template and whaaa laaa you have the basic content rating on a custom list: if you initially see an error in the left nav just hit F5 and all should be good.  This will give you an easy way to get started-site templates rock. 
The pre-selection by rating coming soon in Content Ratings Part III but essentially use the x-path expression builder to create your own custom sort expression (there’s some hand-tweaking of the x-path necessary of course)

5 thoughts on “Site Template for Content Rating

  1. Yes, I do have a version that uses the standard blue-band template and no custom content-types-it\’s possible I dropped the wrong template here-will check out and post up another.

  2. Very cool stuff Rod.. I am curious if their may be even more interest in this type of solution given the recent announcement from MS regarding hosting SP.

  3. Yes, good point-if the new hosted platform supports site templates it could be a great way to provision customizations and features.  Maybe the only way:)  Now, when I have time I am thinking to create a site template generation tool-wouldn\’t it be cool to type in some basic info, select the features you want, and then have a web application generate a customized .stp file customized to your particular environment?  

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