Content Rating Part III-adding a customized sort expression

In the case of the content rating site template I wanted to sort the list by rating with the highest rated items rolling to the top:
Here is the expression I used:

format-number(sum(../../../Content_Ratings/Rows/Row[@BPID=@ID]/@Rating)div (@Ratings), ‘###0.0;-###0.0’)

Notice it’s similiar to the rating expression itself.  pretty cool.
To do your own you can add directly to your DVWP’s sort/grouping.

Go to your DVWP, select sort and group, remove any prior sort expressions, add a new custom sort expression using the handy x-path editor (hand tweak as necessary for you own needs) and whaaa laaa-


Site Template for Content Rating

Upload this to your MOSS 2007 site template gallery-create a new site using this template and whaaa laaa you have the basic content rating on a custom list: if you initially see an error in the left nav just hit F5 and all should be good.  This will give you an easy way to get started-site templates rock. 
The pre-selection by rating coming soon in Content Ratings Part III but essentially use the x-path expression builder to create your own custom sort expression (there’s some hand-tweaking of the x-path necessary of course)

Intellichoice names Prius and Corvette Best Overall Value

Now if I could only afford both:)  Luckily since my company offers telecommuting the Corvette doesn’t visit the gas station too often.
Still getting 27 mpg on the freeway-a little less when I get on it but am impressed to be getting that kind of mileage from this car-better than my previous Infiniti which was delivering less than advertised.  Still impressed.
See details at

Puget Sound Sharepoint Users Group -Check it out.

Much thanks to Owen and members at PSSUG-I suggest anyone interested in Sharepoint drop by for a meeting to see what’s up in the Sharepoint world.  

Puget Sound Sharepoint Users Group

I presented the Content Rating feature I developed for Sharepoint sites-hinted at the Silverlight player I developed for Sharepoint Blogs. 
Since the content rating feature is all DVWP, javascript, and X-path I  broke out Sharepoint Designer for the demo but luckily the crowd were kind enough not to laugh too loud.  I heard a few were surprised at what can be done in Sharepoint Designer and deployed as site templates when you need to. 

Other presenters (check these out-very cool tools/products for Sharepoint)

Summary of Content Rating System Demo.

Interesting Development from Microsoft at Sharepoint Conference in Seattle


Hey, I think we have a development coming out of Bill Gs keynote at the Sharepoint conference this am-

Essentially MS is launching hosting services for Sharepoint to the masses-small/medium businesses would probably have a good reason to look at this as a lower cost way of providing sharepoint.  beta program was launched today for US-based companies, who can register here.

[Rod]-watch out for the possiblity of limiting the customization to Sharepoint Designer for companies with >500 employees etc. but even then this may help lower the cost for small/medium size companies and still offer some pretty cool options.  Officelive still a player-Bill mentioned between the new hosted sites and OfficeLive any gaps would be filled.  Coca-Cola and a few other enterprise level customers are already on the platform or migrating soon. 

Companies will receive named-user licenses for Exchange 2007 and MOSS 2007. The initial release of the SharePoint Online service will support collaboration and content management. Business Intelligence (BI), enterprise search, Excel and InfoPath services are not part of this version of SharePoint Online. Limited customization is supported, including SharePoint Designer, but the hosted service won’t allow Web parts with code to be included.

Courtesy of Dan Holme Office & SharePoint Pro Community Manager

Microsoft Online Services Offers SharePoint, Exchange, Communications and Live Meeting to Businesses of All Sizes

This morning, in front of the 4,000 or so attendees at the sold-out Microsoft SharePoint Conference (SPC), Bill Gates raised the curtain on a set of services and products that I think will have a wide-reaching impact on the industry and on the way we administer our enterprises moving forward: Microsoft hosted SharePoint and Exchange services for businesses of all sizes. He also announced the availability of the SharePoint Server Express, a free enterprise search tool, and of Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint, which opens lots of possibilities for rich user experiences to be built on top of SharePoint.

SharePoint Online and Exchange Online lower the cost and risk of entry into these two powerful platforms through a per-user subscription service. These services expand the offerings of Microsoft Online Services (MOS), an effort that launched in mid-2007 to deliver hosted Exchange services to enterprises with 5,000 or more seats. Now, any business will have access to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 and Exchange Server 2007. The services are scheduled to be fully released in the second half of 2008, but a trial, beta program was launched today for US-based companies, who can register here.