Sharepoint/ASP.NET/C# experience as a developer and consultant

A little history…
Worked at Microsoft full-time as a web development engineer and software design engineer from 1999 to late 2004. Also worked as a UI developer in the Natural Language Group for several windows applications in C#. Developed Sharepoint intranets for several groups at Microsoft including the Business Applications Group, Natural Language Group and Speech team. Developed several custom ASP.NET/C# applications including a content management system and a global content repositiory including custom web services and a taxonomy-based navigation for the MS Sales/Marketing field worldwide.

Left Microsoft in 2004 to get some exposure to companies outside Microsoft and try my hand at consulting. Landed a position with Write Image as a Sharepoint developer consultant developing sites primarily for Microsoft but also a Sharepoint implementation for eBay. A great opportunity came by my way to work on a Sharepoint version of Microsoft’s Business Contact Manager CRM in early MOSS 2007-learned Sharepoint from the inside out-schema.xml, custom web-controls bound to sharepoint controls, localization using the new ASP.NET resource keys, customizing viewstyles.xml, packaging and deployment of custom code as site features.

Allyis recruited me to do a large site migration for the Microsoft Legal and Corporate Affairs portal-have been at Allyis ever since as a Sharepoint Solutions Architect making use of my 7 years experience architecting, developing, and deploying Sharepoint sites. Most recently I developed a content rating system, auto-tagging, and newsletter generation site templates for use by our Microsoft and non-microsoft customers.

Select Examples (not comphrehensive) list of sites I developed from scratch and/or developed key components:
Intranet Sharepoint V1
Natural Language Group portal at Microsoft
Speech portal at Microsoft
Version 1 of GTM Content Repository on Infoweb
Intranet Sharepoint V2
eBay intranet portal
National Technology Officers portal at Microsoft
X-Box Marketing team portal
Microsoft Law Enforcement Portal
Intranet Sharepoint V3
Office Live web-based Business Contact Manager
Microsoft Legal and Corporate Affairs Portal
Microsoft Inside Sales Portal and Call Guide
Microsoft Implementation Standards Database platform
Microsoft Art Collection Site
Partner Election Form for Wellington Legal
Sales Contest for MS Sales
Capital Request Form and workflow for APS Healthcare
Expense Report/Trip report forms for MS Sales
Implemented Standards Form for MS Legal

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