Can’t believe Sharepoint is finally taking off

Who would have thought back in 2000 when I dug up this little known download MS called the digital dashboard resource kit that this would end up being a 800 million dollar product for MS?  Countless Sharepoint implementations later and I still find it funny how somehow I can never escape Sharepoint-wherever I go-Warning to others" once people know you know sharepoint there is no escape. 
Not sure why Sharepoint has become my career fate-is it a calling?  Not even sure why I have had so much success with Sharepoint over the years-somehow when you are blesssed/cursed with the Sharepoint calling it just all makes sense-a little information architecture here, a dab of a sensible site structure and navigation there, a splash of SEO and meta-tagging, and of course don’t forget the users-what’s important to them since just because you build it doesn’t mean they will come.
It’s also funny watching people recent to the technology-watching them go through the discovery process of working with the product-at first the naive joy that this is so easy-why do we even need developers?  Heck, now I am a developer:)  This is soon followed by a slightly more realistic outlook once the requests for customization start rolling in-the frenzy to find solutions begins and the honeymoon stage is nearing it’s end.  
I notice in the current release MS made an effort to provide tons of documentation unlike the old days when the SDK and a prescriptive architecture guide were the sharepoint person’s only crutches.  It’s interesting to hear from newbies-have you seen this link, document etc. and hear the joy that "hey if I follow these guidelines I will be ensured of a successfull Sharepoint project"  Poor souls indeed. 
The next phase?  I will dive into this on the next post but here is a teaser:  why I hate the content editor web part.

3 thoughts on “Can’t believe Sharepoint is finally taking off

  1. So what is one of the more unique web parts you have built or used? 

  2. check out the flash web-part in the sharepoint posts that pulls data from a sharepoint list. 

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