Silverlight Example: Creating a dynamic site page banner using SharePoint and Silverlight


How to create a dynamic banner for SharePoint 2007/2010 site pages to surface images stored within SharePoint while also making it easy for site authors to upload their own images to be displayed in the banner rotation.


  • Develop a Silverlight application to dynamically display images stored in any standard SharePoint 2007/2010 picture library.
  • Provide an easy way to configure which picture library is used to display the banner images using the Silverlight application initParams.
  • Use the content editor web part to add the dynamic banner to SharePoint 2007/2010 site pages.



  • Easy for users to add new images to the banner.
  • Works on existing SharePoint 2007/2010 picture libraries.
  • Easy to deploy using Silverlight and the SharePoint content editor web-part.
  • All files can be stored in SharePoint.

Use SharePoint and Silverlight to display a summary of SharePoint blog posts on any site page


We have been investigating ways on our intranet at Allyis to surface information via a more automatic and less manual process through various features and also to Implement multiple ways for discovering data/information across the site.  One area in particular we have been looking for improvement has been to increase the discoverability of our leadership blogs and encourage employees throughout our organization to blog as as way to increase collaboration and information sharing.

As a way to address these efforts we recently developed and deployed a suite of web-parts (one of which we call the BlogRollUp web-part) which displays details on the most recent post made to any of our SharePoint blogs.  The web-part can be added to any site page, configured to point to a specific blog, and uploaded into the web-part gallery for others to use as well.

Source code and more details



SharePoint Generic Wrapper for Silverlight with initParams

Here is a freebie…just finished a generic SharePoint web-part to host Silverlight apps inside SharePoint.

There are other  out there for sure but I had a need for a generic one that I could specify any number of initParams from the web-part properties in addition to ones I developed that contained separate wp properties for each name/value pair.

Using just a single wp property for the initParams allows you handle any number of parameters from any of your Silverlight apps using the same web-part-just set both the XAP source location and InitParams for the appropriate Silverlight application.  nbd but it is easier to deploy just a xap file for every new Silverlight application than having to prop a new web part every time:)


more details

Silverlight FilmStrip Image/Video player for SharePoint lists/libraries.


What does it do?
Displays thumbnail and full size images and plays video
Do you see the thumbnail that includes the waterfall? (Click thumbnail and select play button to view example of streaming video)

Where does it get the data for the images and videos to display/play inline?
The data to populate the intranet version is pulled from SharePoint using the URL protocol.

(no web services required provided you are hosting this inside SharePoint)  I will post the web service example soon as well.

For the demo on this site I uploaded as an application to the Silverlight Streaming Service.

The SharePoint list for managing what items are displayed in the filmstrip I created on my

Office Live site but published a public list view and use the RSS feed to load the Filmstrip

since this version is all in the cloud:)

See previous post for more details

Silverlight V2 Beta 2 Search Interface using web services

The UI is build exclusively with C# in Visual Studio 2008 which is also nicely
integrated with Microsoft Expression Blend (thank you Microsoft)  virtually all the
UI is developed in C# procedural code with only the container elements hard-coded
into the XAML.  Interesting way to do filtering of results sets is filtering the
container elements rather than making repeated call to web service when filtering-
providing virtually instananeous filtering of results.  cool.
Conceptual Design by


Silverlight 1.0 Player embedded into Sharepoint
blog template via Sharepoint Designer, customized DVWP, and added
javascript in canvas_loaded…
Update: Added multivideo playback support on Sharepoint blog.
I developed a Silverlight player for allowing bloggers to easily include
videos as part of thier Sharepoint blog posts.
Users can upload thier videos into a Sharepoint Doc library and
then simply include the link to the video in a field on the blog post entry. 
wmv files are stored on Sharepoint or elsewhere and played via
a media player I developed in Silverlight 1.0-the DVWP for post.aspx is customized
to pass params to the Silverlight player hosted on a separate page to allow
multi-video playback and get around the issue that Sharepoint blog posts strip out
embed tags, script tags, and even iframes-not nice.
BTW: Get Microsoft Expression Blend and Microsoft Expression Encoder if you
haven’t already!  Helps cut down on much of the XAML hand coding.  There are trial

Cheers! Rod Stagg

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