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Holiday Gift SharePoint to help others during the holidays

Using SharePoint to help others during the holidays For the past several years, our employees have helped make the holidays very happy for many local children.  Because of thier thoughtfulness and generosity, these children woke up to presents and a

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Does FaceBook flavor of social networking work in the enterprise?

Interesting post by Johns Brunswick, Senior Consultant for Oracle Corporation:

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Using SharePoint Designer and Silverlight to embed Silverlight applications directly into your SharePoint blog posts

We have been looking at ways to increase the discoverability of internally produced video content and rich user experiences developed on Silverlight currently stored in various document libraries throughout our SharePoint intranet/extranet.  One area of particular interest is finding a

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Father’s Day on water…lots of fun day

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Use SharePoint and Silverlight to display a summary of SharePoint blog posts on any site page

Overview: We have been investigating ways on our intranet at Allyis to surface information via a more automatic and less manual process through various features and also to Implement multiple ways for discovering data/information across the site.  One area in

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Did you see? now linked to Twitter

You can now copy Twitter on the routes and workouts you create.  Looks like Facebook coming soon:) happy trails.

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Windows Live Writer is great for SharePoint Blogs

Sample training video hosted in Silverlight Streaming Service and can be embedded directly into your Blog easily using Windows Live Writer Insert Silverlight Streaming feature. Excerpt from Wikipedia: Currently compatible with Windows Live Spaces, Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress, Community_Server,,

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Strategic Architects Forum 2008-Part II

Strategic Architect Forum San Francisco Nov 18-20th, 2008 My colleague Ken Efta from Allyis is presenting the Social Commuting within the Enterprise. Ethan is posting live details on as well so check it out. Ken put up some great

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Architects Forum-Emerging Web 2.0

Strategic Architect Forum San Francisco Nov 18-20th, 2008 I attended Rationalizing the Emerging Web this morning..Karthik Ravindran presenter: Here are some things to think about coming out of to get your company to take advantage of social networking tech? 

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Re-Publishing Silverlight Player for including videos in Sharepoint Blog posts

NEW! Silverlight 1.0 Player embedded into Sharepoint blog template via Sharepoint Designer, customized DVWP, and added javascript in canvas_loaded…assuming you already know how to use Silverlight 1.0.  First, since Sharepoint blogs posts don’t support embed tags, javascript, or even iframes

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