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Use SharePoint and Silverlight to display a summary of SharePoint blog posts on any site page

Overview: We have been investigating ways on our intranet at Allyis to surface information via a more automatic and less manual process through various features and also to Implement multiple ways for discovering data/information across the site.  One area in

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Using LINQ to parse XML data coming back from SharePoint web services

Quick example of using one of the many built-in SharePoint web services to populate a WPF control.  In this particular instance I am connecting to the SharePoint lists web service Lists.asmx to retrieve data from the list and bind to

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Wrap-Up on using Silverlight, SharePoint Lists, and URL Protocol.

Overview Recently I had a client request an animated carousel or filmstrip like player for displaying both images and video on their SharePoint intranet. The idea is to display many images and videos without taking up a ton of screen

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Silverlight Filmstrip Demo

What does it do?  Displays thumbnail and full size images and plays video.  Where does it get the data for the images and videos to display/play inline?The data to populate the intranet version is pulled from SharePoint using the URL

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Accessing SharePoint list data for Silverlight without web services using owssrv.dll and LINQ

Posting soon to SharePoint Magazine -Rod

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Using LINQ to XML to query SharePoint lists from WPF

A colleague of mine (a distinguished architect at Microsoft-you know who you are) convinced me to try LINQ for working with data from SQL recently after seeing my old fashioned SQL Command code in an implementation of SPEventReceiver I had

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Silverlight 2 Search UI with Web Services

  If you are bored and have Silverlight 2 Beta 2 installed check out an example of using Silverlight as a front-end to your web services.  More details later this week.  Silverlight looking promising…   Press Link: Silverlight based search

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