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This is wrong…so wrong.

Cool pic from 

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New Corvette “Transformed” ?

I LIKE IT!  Time for another stringray.

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Wow, this is a car-in another life maybe?

Ok, not practical, ridiculously expensive, but still a blend of engineering, performance, and craftsmanship to be appreciated.  Maybe I could pick up a used one someday from the newly formed Wall Street Derivative Specialist and Mortgage Banker repo row of

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Rod’s mustang featured on

Ok, this isn’t that big of a deal but this is a cool place to check outsome cool mustangs from everyday folks around the world. My car is featured for December  Check out all the mustangs at  Cheers! 

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2008 LA Auto Show Highlights

The new 2010 Ford Mustang was rolled out.  Looks good-interior upgrades are the story here-the exterior has been updated but definitely evolutionary which is good since the 2005 design was aboutas perfect as you can get for a modern interpretation

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Game Changer? Chev Volt plugin electric in 2010

hmmm-could the Volt put America back in the car business?    4 door sedan that can go 40 miles with no gas on a single electric charge (according to Consumer Reports a single charge would use the equilivant amount of

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Seattle Auto Show Nov 5-9-Don’t miss

Yes, I am going…and of course will report back with all the latest info for 2009.  A must see is the new Corvette ZR1 With a 0-60 mph time of 3.4 seconds   More info Seattle Auto Show Nov 5-9th Quest

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Green Mustang? LPG Powered mustang very cool

Check this out…maybe in the future cars can be green, fast, and cool?    LPG powered mean Mustang Featureing massive 22 inch wheels and a 3D carbon body kit, the car looks anything but green, and with those 300hp (228kW)

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Intellichoice names Prius and Corvette Best Overall Value

Now if I could only afford both:)  Luckily since my company offers telecommuting the Corvette doesn’t visit the gas station too often. Still getting 27 mpg on the freeway-a little less when I get on it but am impressed to be

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2009 Corvette ZR1 announced!

620 hp and 24mpg on the highway?  Insane but in a very good way.  Check out the view of the supercharger Check out the tires…this is hilarious-guess the new Skyline will have a good view of them huh? From 

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