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How to pull Sharepoint list data into Flash using actionscript/XMLHTTP

I developed this as part of a project to retrieve and aggregate data from a sharepoint list and display in fields on a regional map of the US using flash for the UI.  This was in Sharepoint 2003 but will work

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How to request data from a Sharepoint list via XMLHTTP and pass a parameter to the XSL for processing

  Requirements: make sure the MS XML parser is available on the server. FYI: check out the client-side API in the latest Sharepoint SDK-pretty cool stuff. I didn’t drop the links.xsl but it’s easy enough to create your own to fit

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2006 Corvette rated at 19/28 mpg-no gas guzzler here:)

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Can’t believe Sharepoint is finally taking off

Who would have thought back in 2000 when I dug up this little known download MS called the digital dashboard resource kit that this would end up being a 800 million dollar product for MS?  Countless Sharepoint implementations later and I still find it

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